Arts Entrepreneurship Certificate

The University of Northern Colorado Arts Entrepreneurship Certificate prepares students for success in the highly competitive and ever-evolving world of the professional performing and visual arts.

The program will allow students to develop basic entrepreneurial skills through a variety of curricular and co-curricular activities, such as artist competitions in each School that mimic real-life arts experiences. (View Course Requirements)

Arts Entrepreneurship at UNC

Undergraduate Arts Entrepreneurship Certificate 

The Certificate consists of 12 credits - 6 credits within the student’s major area and 6 credits of required coursework through the Monfort College of Business.

Courses are designed to allow students to earn the certificate without taking on a large amount of coursework outside their major.

  • Students in this program will develop the basic entrepreneurial skills needed for a successful career in the arts.
  • During enrollment in the certificate program, students will develop a professional digital resume.
  • Students pursuing the certificate will attain skills in marketing, self-promotion, and business planning.
  • Co-curricular opportunities will allow students to collaborate with other artists to further their artistic vision.

Admission Requirements

This program is open to all students enrolled in a major within the College of Performing and Visual Arts - with the exception of Art Education, Music Education and Theatre Education majors - who remain in academic good standing.


Stephanie Nielsen
Student Services Coordinator
College of Performing and Visual Arts
(970) 351-2930


Certificate Requirements - 12 Credits

The Certificate consists of 12 credits—6 credits within the School major areas and 6 credits of required coursework through the Monfort College of Business.  The majority of the coursework will count from within specific majors, thus enabling students to earn the certificate without assuming a large amount of coursework outside the major.  Each Certificate design will share common coursework, as well as individual courses unique to a student’s own artistic discipline . 

Degree Requirements

Required for the Certificate (6 credits)

PVA 210               Introduction to Arts Entrepreneurship (3)
BAMG 355           Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship (3)

Elective – May substitute for Arts elective credit with permission:

BAMK 260           Introduction to Marketing (3)

Art and Design (6 credits)

ART 301               The Working Artist: Preparation (3) (Learn More)
ART 401               The Working Artist:  Practicum (3)

Music (6 credits)

MUS 209              Intro to Music Technology (2)
MUS 211              Careers in Music (1) [recommended, not required]
MUS 343              Recording Techniques (2)
MUS 460              Survey of the Music Business (2)

Theatre Arts and Dance (6 credits chosen from the following menu based upon the major concentration within the School of Theatre Arts and Dance)

THEA 241            Seminar in Theatre Arts Management (2)
THEA 323            Digital Media (3)
THEA 450            Design and Technology Practicum (3)
THEA 464            Audition Techniques (3)
THEA 465            LA Showcase (3)
MT 465                Senior Showcase (NY)(3)